Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chad's Easy PRIME RIB Cooking Instructions

1. Get your meat at Leon's (it is the best, trust me)!
2. 24 hours before cooking season liberally with MISTY'S.
3. Take out 2hrs before cooking and allow to raise to room temp.
4. Cook uncovered at 325 degrees for 16-18 minutes per LB on a meat rack.
5. Using a meat thermometer, cook until 130-135 degrees.
6. Tent roast in foil and let rest for 20-25 mintues.

-dinner starts when the MEAT is ready, start heading to the table when you take it out and pass around the sides first...when the meat has rested, cut it and serve it immediately.
-I like to tie my prime rib even if it is boneless, our butchers think I am crazy, but it holds it's shape better and looks more like it looks in a restaurant if you do.
-I have tried cutting the roast with many knives including electric, but if you want it to look like the restaurant then use a very sharp roast beef knife.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prime Rib Time!

Every year around dinner time on Christmas Eve, I reflect about the families all over Lincoln that will be gracing their dinner table with a piece of meat purchased from Leon’s.

It really fills me with pride to imagine them saying, “This is a LEON’S prime rib or Tenderloin!” For fun, I then insert the name of some other big box store and imagine it again…but the effect just isn’t the same!

At Leon’s we are committed to quality. All our meat is aged a minimum of 21 days. During that time the meat becomes more tender and the flavor is allowed to develop more fully. Around Christmas, we age it just a little longer, but shhhh we don’t want everyone to know our secret!

I cook a Christmas prime rib every year for my own family. If I could give any advice I would say, relax it is hard to screw up this piece of meat !

Season it with your favorite seasoning(I use Misty's LIBERALLY) and then simply watch your internal temperature (I take mine out at 130-135). I then let is rest for 20 minutes.

I saw an episode of the test kitchen where they cut a piece of meat that was taken right out of the roasting pan , and the juice ran out all over the counter. Then they let a piece of meat rest before they cut it and the juice had redistributed itself throughout the meat. So when they cut it, the juice stayed in the meat where it belongs!

This extra resting time will also continue cooking your roast if you tent it (and I do). It will leave you with more well done edges and then nice pink center pieces so that everyone gets to choose the doneness they prefer.

Merry Christmas! If you are cooking a Leon’s piece of meat, I will be thinking about you on Christmas Eve…and I know that your meal will be delicious!